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Discover the Tunisian sites and the social characteristics of our country by visiting its diversified faces.
Here are some circuit samples which may give you an idea of the regions proximity and field sites; they do not, in any case, restrict your choice :

You can choose your own travel circuit and we will help you customize it in order to make your journey pleasant.

You provide us with :   We will :
  • Your interests vis-à-vis location 
  • Create for you a fully customized package including all activities that fit your choice
  • Your dates
  • Ensure adequate accommodation  
  • Your choice of facilities  
  • Best organized travel schedule within Tunisia
  • Provide you with extensive guidance
  • Satisfy any supplementary needs

Those special theme circuits have already been organized by us :

  • Culinary tour
  • Traditional clothes and embroidery tour
  • World War II tour
  • Archaeological tour
  • Deep Sahara tour
  • Jewish Tunisia tour
  • Ornithological tour
  • Tunisia and Planet Tataouine tour

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