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Pansea Camp, Kasr Ghilane

After a long day spent driving deep into Tunisia's desert South, the Pan Sea camp is a huge and welcoming surprise. There, in the midst of rolling sand dunes on the edge of the green Kasr Ghilane oasis, one finds the hospitality of the desert adapted to the requirements of the contemporary traveler.  

Guests stay in spacious hexagonal tents which captivate the eye and the imagination. Each tent houses a bathroom with a toilet and hot water shower. The comfortable living area is on a platform carpeted with traditional goat hair weavings.

Common areas include a dining room, a bar, a library-reception area and a sparkling blue-watered swimming pool. In the middle of the camp is an attractive tower from which you can watch the dunes turn golden as the sun sets. 

Pansea is staffed by welcoming professionals, including a pastry chef whose production is unequaled in far more sophisticated locales. Ksar Ghilane offers travelers the opportunity to ride trained horses across the dunes, to explore the daily life of a traditional oasis or to soak in a nearby natural hot spring.

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